Kristen Stewart and St Vincent's romance has been blooming over the past month, and if latest reports are to be believed, the actress has even introduced her new girlfriend to her "mom and dad". Considering their growing fondness for each other and the frequent dates and domestic chores, celebrity gossip reports speculate that the couple might even be looking forward to moving in together.

"Kristen [Stewart] and Annie [St Vincent's real name] have been inseparable since they started dating," a source told Hollywood Life, shedding light on the blossoming relationship between the two.

The source further added, "Now that they are back in LA, Kristen has been introducing Annie to all of her friends, including her mom and dad. She introduces Annie as her girlfriend, and she's definitely not shy about being affectionate with her around her family."

On the topic of moving in together, the website reported that Stewart and St Vincent haven't yet made a move, but they are already enjoying domestic life like other regular couples.

"Annie lives in NYC, but Kristen has told her that she will always have a second home in LA. They just do things that normal couples do, like cook dinner at home, and take long walks with Kristen's dogs," the source revealed adding, "Kristen has never looked happier or more in love."

Earlier the new couple was spotted together running errands for their home in Los Angeles. Dressed in casual sweater and sweatpants, the Twilight star was photographed carrying a huge bag of dog food while her Indie Rocker girlfriend shared some load and walked ahead of her.

They even hit it up on a quite date night previously, with Stewart leaning in for a quick kiss. According to reports, the pair's hush-hush romance was no longer a secret as they were spotted "kissing" and "holding hands" during their night out in Manhattan's East Village.

But, before hitting off with each other both the stars ended their previous relationships. While Stewart was seeing her former assistant Alicia Cargile on and off; the Digital Witness singer broke up with her model girlfriend Cara Delevingne due to long-distance issues.