This Is Us
NBC series This Is Us stars Many Moore and Milo Ventimiglia as Jack and Rebecca This Is Us/NBC

NBC's series This Is Us will return with yet another time-lapsing episode this Tuesday to possibly answer the big secret that led to the heartbreaking end of Jack and Rebecca's near-perfect relationship. While, several theories have cropped up online, several suggest drinking problems and growing distance between the couple to be the cause of split.

Will their adorable relationship finally crumble in This Is Us episode 5 titled The Game Plan? Click here to watch the episode live online on the official website of NBC. The episode will air on the network on 25 October at 10pm EST.

The storyline of the NBC series starring Many Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, and Sterling K. Brown has so far established one fact that the three children – Kevin, Kate and Randall - are the highest point of Jack and Rebecca's life.

But in the upcoming episode, the family's deepest and darkest truths might be revealed as the couple are seen fighting over embracing motherhood and starting a family.

While the ever-responsible Jack seems to be eager about having kids of his own, Rebecca doesn't seem to be all that excited about being a mother. Could this be a reason behind the ultimate breakdown of their marriage? Even if that's the case, where's Jack and what happened to the mother of his children who moved on with his best friend Miguel (Jon Huertas).

Watch the trailer for This Is Us episode 5 here:

Interestingly, This Is Us will reveal their cliffhanger secret with a time-jump. If rumours are to be believed, Kate and her boyfriend Toby's newfound love and the struggles of their relationship will give a glimpse of what went wrong in her parent's life. Also, a flashback scene might reveal the past of the twins and how Miguel came into the folds of the happy family scene.

Teasing the Tuesday's episode, Moore had earlier said, "I feel like the fifth episode is going to destroy people." She further added, "You'll find out more as to what happens to Jack and Rebecca and why in 2016 they're no longer together."

What will Kevin, Kate and Randall's intertwined fate reveal next? Find out in The Game Plan on This Is Us on NBC.