Kurt Angle is back in the WWE following his induction into the Hall of Fame in April. The Olympic Hero is currently the general manager of Monday Night Raw.

Even before the company named the former WWE champion as one of the inductees to the Hall of Fame, the WWE Universe was speculating about his return to the company after staying away from the squared circle for almost a decade.

While he is currently working at the federation in the capacity of a non-wrestler, he has been vocal about making an in-ring return. He has also hinted that the company could be "monitoring" his recovery from drug addiction before he is allowed to fight.

Talking about fights, the Angle is ready to put on his singlet for Finn Balor. Angle, in an interview with Metro, revealed that his dream fight would be against the Demon King.

"What he's been able to do over the past ten years is incredible, not just wrestling in the junior division in Japan to the heavyweight division, but bringing this character to life. Finn Balor, the Demon. He has transcended himself to being one of the most popular wrestlers in the world, and I remember him as a cruiserweight in Japan. You can't believe how blown away I am by him," the 48-year-old said.

"I know that he was main eventing a lot of shows in Japan before he came to the United States, and he went through the Dojo camp over there. Wrestling Japanese style which is very stiff and he was able to survive it. He's on top of the world, one of the top three guys right now and he's just started. Being able to do a program with him would be awesome."

"I'm sure he dreamed of wrestling me back then, now I'm dreaming of wrestling him."

Kurt Angle
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