American photographer Jeffrey Milstein's new book, LA NY, is a dazzling visual tale of two cities as seen from the air. Using high-resolution cameras mounted to a stabilising gyro, Milstein leaned out of helicopters over Los Angeles where he grew up and over New York where he now lives. He photographed straight down at a ninety-degree angle to emphasise the particular patterns of place, how the urban grid adapts to local topography, and how the topography itself adapts to human purposes.

Combining architecture, science, and art, Milstein's work explores residential and commercial neighbourhoods, parks and recreation spots, as well as industrial districts and the infrastructure of transportation. Iconic buildings and landmarks are easy to spot, alongside suburban housing developments, apartment complexes, commercial hubs, entertainment and financial centres, and airports and shipping terminals.

IBTimes UK presents images from the book LA NY: Aerial Photographs of Los Angeles and New York, by Jeffrey Milstein, published by Thames & Hudson, November 2017.