Lady Gaga, who officially became a licensed driver on 1 July, was stopped by the police in Malibu on Friday, 15 July, while driving her flaming red pick-up truck. According to TMZ, the Pokerface star was pulled over by the police, with one of her friends in the passenger seat, although it is unclear why she was stopped.

Photos on TMZ's website show Gaga being followed by a black-and-white patrol car and then pulled over and talking to a law enforcement officer. On a positive note, the celebrity website reported that it looked like Gaga was not in too much trouble with the long arm of the law.

Gaga, 30, recently took to Instagram to announce that she had received her driver's licence. In the photo, the star is seen behind the wheel of her truck, with a friend accompanying her.

"Thelma and Puhleaaaze (And yes I FINALLY got my license after years of driving w an adult present and a learners permit) IM FREE. Rollin w the homies," she exclaimed in the post.

The singer has been embracing her freedom to zoom around town, after the Daily Mail reported that the Bad Romance vocalist was seen on 16 July driving to a local grocery shop. The singer was accompanied by one of her pals, sporting a black T-shirt with a sporty trucker hat.

Meanwhile, Gaga is set to release another album following her 2008 album The Fame. In an interview with AMP radio, the singer said: "I'm working every day on my record and I will be done with it at some point, I feel like this is my time for me to spend with my music."

"For years I've had to do so many other things and keep up with so much to please other people around me," she explained. "I promise you this will be worth the wait."

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