Lady Gaga revealed earlier this month that the mystery man frequently being seen with her was businessman Michael Polansky. Among her thousands of fans who heard the news was opinion editor Lindsay Crouse, who was previously in a relationship with the entrepreneur.

Lindsay Crouse is now sharing her reaction upon finding out that her ex-boyfriend, whom she dated for seven years, has started dating "one of the most famous and fantastic women in the world." In the latest opinion piece that she has written for The New York Times, the senior staff editor revealed that she found out about her ex's new girlfriend when she started receiving a dozen of texts from her friends, who were flooding her inbox with messages like "check Facebook," "check Twitter," "are you OK?"

Lady Gaga made her relationship with the Parker Group CEO Instagram official by sharing an intimate picture, a day after they were spotted getting cozy during the Super Bowl halftime show at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. "We had so much fun in Miami. Love to all my little monsters and fans, you're the best!" she had captioned the post.

"While I'd been watching the Super Bowl on television in New York, they were snuggling in her private box at the Hard Rock Stadium at Miami Gardens. There were the paparazzi as he escorted her away, her pink hair flowing and sequins pasted around her eyes," Crouse wrote about the couple.

Crouse revealed that she had been in a relationship with the "mystery man" for seven years, dating throughout college life and a few years after that.

"You can guess from the fact that you've probably never heard of me, I'm not famous. So suddenly it's like I'm star-gawking by proxy (yes I know there's another word for that). But there's almost no way to avoid it," she wrote.

Sharing the article on Twitter, Crouse wrote: "Here's what it's like to watch someone you were with for an eternity date one of the most famous—and fantastic—women in the world. (I am now an expert.)"

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Singer Lady Gaga performs during the Hurricane Relief concert in College Station, Texas, on October 21, 2017. Lady Gaga gave a surprise performance at the concert, announcing that she would make a $1 million donation and that a 'mental health and emotional trauma surviving program' would be set up for hurricane survivors. Gtty

Crouse, however, looked at the pros of the situation and found comparing herself with the Oscar-winner "incredibly motivational."

"Lady Gaga is amazing. Comparing yourself with her is incredibly motivational, and I recommend you try it, regardless of how you relate to who's dating her. At least, that's what I did," she revealed.