In a UK first, Wolverhampton council has granted a private hire car license to a supercar. The Lamborghini Huracan, worth at least £180,000 ($260,000, €230,000), will be the first taxi of its kind in the UK.

The green Lambo is more than likely the only taxi you'll ever get with a five-litre engine and a top speeds of over 200mph. Admittedly, the streets of Wolverhampton aren't be the best place to put your foot down.

If you think black cabs are expensive, Wolverhampton's Lamborghini might be out of your price range. The minimum charge for a journey is £349 for 90 minutes.

Though a first for the UK, supercars can already be seen doing more menial jobs elsewhere in the world. In Dubai, where supercars aren't a rarity, even the police can be seen in Lamborghinis – the supercar was bought alongside a Ferrari 2014. That addition to the force's garage cost £360,000.

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