last man on earth season 2
Phil and Carol in The Last Man On Earth season 2 Fox

The Last Man On Earth season 2's premiere opened on a fun and adventurous note, but did not end that way. Phil searching for Carol in Tucson after they are accidentally separated, Jason Sudeikis's character Mike floating alone in space looking for survivors, Carol waiting for Phil at a gas station - there was something melancholic about these scenes.

Episode 2 is titled, The Boo, which will air on Sunday, 4 October at 9.30pm EST on Fox. The official synopsis reads as follows: "Phil searches desperately for Carol after they're separated without phones or walkie-talkies in the all-new 'The Boo' episode of 'The Last Man on Earth.'"

The premiere episode took a step back from Tucson and explored Phil and Carol's crazy adventures across the United States, as they searched for a new place to start over. The couple stayed the night in The White House, where Phil held a little press conference of his own with his sports balls.

Phil takes Carol to her old apartment at Delaware in a bid to surprise her, but she still wants to move back to Tucson. Since they are the last people on earth, they should stick together, she thinks. Later, Phil accidentally leaves Carol at a gas station in Oklahoma, and drives off not realising that she is not in the RV. He then spends another week looking for her and starts for Tucson. He hopes she must have gone there to be with the rest of the crew, only to discover that the place is now a ghost town.

A new trailer shows Phil going crazy looking for Carol, given they have no way of communicating with each other. Standing atop his RV, he yells out to Carol, as the voice-over says, "The last couple on Earth have been separated, and you won't believe what happens next."

The promo ends with Phil looking through his binoculars, saying, "Wait! Who is that guy?" The upcoming episode of The Last Man on Earth promises a surprise.