The Last Man on Earth season two returns with Phil Miller and Carol Pilbasian embarking on an adventurous trip across US on Sunday, 27 September, at 9.30pm ET/PT (2.30am BST) on Fox Network. The season two premiere episode is titled, Is There Anybody Out There, which will show Phil's brother, played by Jason Sudeikis still lost in space.

According to the official synopsis, "Phil and Carol leave Tucson behind and strike out on their own in a road trip across the United States in the all-new 'Is There Anybody Out There?' season two premiere episode of The Last Man on Earth"

Click here to watch it online on the Fox's website. The first season of the Fox comedy ended with Phil (Will Forte) being banished from Tuscan as Carol decides to join her ex-husband on his trip. The duo will take a trip across US and enjoy their margarita pool party in The White House.

Creator and Actor Will Forte dished on what to expect from Phil and Carol in the season two premiere of The Last Man on Earth in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Speaking of Phil and Carol's relationship, Forte said, "They're making a go of it! Carol had no reason to give 'Tandy' a second chance. But she did and he's as thankful as can be. He's trying to be a good person and good husband. They still are two very weird and unique people that are very much an odd couple, so there's still a lot of fun to be had in their relationship. But they are very much a couple now."

Also, Jason Sudeikis is joining the show as Phil's brother Mike, and according to Forte, season two will explore how it is like to be stranded in space forever.

"Mike has been up in space for a while and he's going to have to make some big, scary decisions on what to do next. We are going to explore what it would be like to be up in space on your own, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's not up in space forever."

Speaking of Sudeikis's character, the creator revealed, "He's an overachiever; I mean, he's an astronaut where Phil was just a temp so it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to say that Phil has always been jealous of the attention that his brother gets, but they'll have some surprising things in common, too."

A new promo shows actor Jason Sudeikis's character still lost in space, as he looks for any survivors to contact on Earth.