Supernatural season 11
Supernatural season 11 official poster teases a dark season ahead The CW

The Winchester brothers will face their biggest enemy when Supernatural returns with season 11 on Wednesday, 7 October at 9pm EST on The CW. Episode 1 is titled Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire, which will pick up from where season 10 finale where Sam and Dean were enveloped by Darkness.

The official synopsis of the episode reads as follows:

Picking up where the finale left off, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) must deal with the Darkness that has been unleashed. Castiel (Misha Collins) deals with the effects of Rowena's (Ruth Connell) spell and recalls his brutal battle with Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard)

Meanwhile, executive producer Jeremy Carver in a new video has spoken about what fans can expect in season 11. Carver said, "So the end of season 10 we saw Darkness overpowering the impala." as we see scenes from the season 10 finale we Sam and Dean in car as the black cloud covers them. "We are wondering what is going to happen to the boys, now that they have released the darkness."

The producer also spoke about the spell Rowena placed on Castiel which forced the angel to kill Crowley. "We saw Crowley attacked by Castiel, who was overtaken by the attack dog spell Rowena placed upon him, which is basically where we start off season 11," he stressed.

According to the producer the first two episodes will be shown as "one big mystery story". Jeremy claimed in the video, "One things fans might want to do is take a look at episode one and two of season 11 as one big story, basically one big mystery centering around what is Darkness and what does the Darkness wants."

Lets not forget another big plotline for season 11, which will address Dean slaying Death. Executive producer and writer, Andrew Dabb teased, "Well, there has always been a Death. Once he goes missing, it creates some issues, particularly among souls, particularly among reapers. [His disappearance] is something we want to pace out over the course of our season, or at least the first half of the season, to really dive into that."