Last Week Tonight has always voiced some strong opinions on social and political matters, so it was a given that its host John Oliver would share his take on the upcoming EU referendum on 23 June.

In the 19 June episode of the show, he implored British locals to vote in favour of staying within the European Union, no matter how much they disliked it. Comparing the EU to actor Gerard Depardieu, Oliver explains, "It's an unyielding European body that's a source of great bewilderment. But Britain leaving it would be a huge destabilizing decision."

The host went on to unravel a number of claims by the Leave campaign including those made in the Brexit movie. "It is hard for me to state to you just how poisonous things have become," Oliver added, referring then to the recent murder of MP Jo Cox and stressed that leaving the EU would not necessarily mean that Britain would get control of its borders.

The best part of the show though, was the Last Week Tonight version of the EU anthem sung by a young boy and four backup singers. To the tune of Beethoven's Ode To Joy, the lyrics explain UK's dislike of the various countries that make up the Union, but also stress the importance of Britain remaining part of it.

Watch the complete video below: