laura goodman
Chef Laura Goodman allegedly spiked a vegan group dinner with meat Facebook

A chef from Shropshire has sparked a social media uproar after boasting about "spiking" a vegan group's dinner with meat.

Laura Goodman is receiving furious backlash after posting on Facebook about how a "pious, judgemental vegan" had gone to bed "still believing she's a vegan".

Goodman, who co-owns the poorly rated Carlini restaurant in Shifnal, Shropshire, has caused social media users to furiously flood a Google page for the restaurant with one-star reviews.

She boasted in a Facebook page The Boring Group that she "spiked a vegan a few hours ago".

When shocked Facebook users commented that they hoped she had not added anything unwanted to the group's meals, she told them what she had allegedly done.

She said: "Actually I should have said 'they're' not a vegan...not 'she's'. Started with asking me to telephone them, over Christmas, to discuss the dietary requirements of their guests within a set time frame, and ended with me wondering why I'm explaining this simplistic post to a pious c**t."

Condemnation was rapid. One person wrote: "Dont risk eating here. The chef boasts about giving unsuitable food to diners. If you have any allergies, or just want to know the chef is honest and cares about their dishes, steer well clear."

Others called for Goodman to be charged with assault and the restaurant to be closed permanently.

laura goodman
Laura Goodman is the co-owner of Carlini TripAdvisor

Emilia Leese, a lawyer who happens to be vegan, revealed the consequences Goodman could face.

She told IBTimes UK: "It might be assault, but it's a stretch.

"I think the most she could really be on the hook for is fraud and maybe some consumer protection laws – selling something under false pretences [fraud] and selling goods unsuitable for purpose [consumer protection].

"And maybe some food safety rules violations too. But all the people would get is refund of their meal. No punitive damages. The chef should, however, get sacked – that's a breach of trust. If she's a co-owner, that's even worse. It's completely appalling."

Other Google reviewers were equally disgusted, with someone else writing: "Head chef Laura Goodman spikes vegan dishes with non vegan ingredients then boast about it online. As a vegan you do not wish to consume any animal products, there is no problem with this, it's a very simple request and should be respected. But this restaurant that should be considered professional has proven they are far far from that. Shocking, disgusting and inhumane behaviour."


Goodman's comments have also riled up a local group called Telford Vegan Action, who are planning a demonstration outside the restaurant and are calling for it to be shut down.

Hope Lye, the organiser, said: "Telford Vegan Action are organising a demonstration against Carlini/ Laura Goodman as the actions of spiking a vegan is so very wrong.

"What right did Laura Goodman feel she have the right to place animal products in a vegan dish then go on social media and boast about it?

"More people are going vegan and many more are participating in the Veganuary campaign and we will be highlighting this outside Carlini in the hope more people go vegan."