Grammy-award winning LeAnn Rimes returned to the stage, on 15 June, just days after announcing a new deal with RCA Label Group UK. Following a three-year hiatus, the singer performed at London's Century club during a private showcase, overcoming the customary nerves she admits to getting when debuting songs.

Despite selling 44m albums in two decades, she told IBTimes UK [at the event] that she gets riddled with nerves before performing new material. "It's my first time to ever sing these songs so I was so nervous," Rimes said, whose last studio album – 2013's Spitfire – peaked at number 3 on the UK charts.

The two-time Grammy winner added: "I don't usually talk this loud, I have to really like, protect my voice. It's draining because it's like there's so much energy leading up to it because I haven't done this yet, so after a while I get it in my body and I don't think about it but today was amazing.

The singer's actor husband Eddie Cibrian provided moral support in the crowds as she belted out classics such as Can't Fight The Moonlight and How Do I live, as well as How To Kiss A Boy from her 16th studio album – out later this year.

Despite making regular visits to the capital, the singer has no plans to move to London anytime soon. "I've got two step-kids and a husband so I'm definitely not moving here anytime soon," she said.

Rimes recently revealed that the forthcoming single The Story – set for release on 24 June – is not only a love song but a song of self-acceptance and appreciation for life. She said: "I fully embrace the journey I am on and have a deeper understanding of how every piece of my story serves a purpose in my evolution as a woman and an artist"

Having made the crossover from country to pop, Rimes confirmed a slight nod to her roots for the new record. "It's not country, the album is all pop [but] I think it probably sounds like that way because of the acoustics," she said.

LeAnn Rimes
The singer recently signed a worldwide deal with RCA UK Getty