Lee Rigby
Lee Rigby

Thieves have snatched a mobile phone belonging to the sister of murdered soldier Lee Rigby which had treasured pictures of the young military drummer on it.

Sara McClure, 24, was targeted while she was out with friends in a Manchester pub. She had gone there after taking part in a memorial event for fusilier Rigby in his hometown of Middleton.

According to Manchester Evening News, 200 people had gathered to listen to speeches and lay flowers in memory of Rigby, 25, who was stabbed to death in an attack by suspected Islamist extremists.

A friend of the family called the theft "very upsetting" for the family to deal with on top of Rigby's death.

Councillor Raymond Dutton told MEN: "Sara has suffered enough without having this on top as well. It has caused some upset in the family.

"Hopefully, the person who has stolen it will realise the hurt and distress it has caused and the phone will be returned. The family isn't looking to prosecute anyone.

"They just want the return of these photographs and memories, which cannot be replaced, for Sara."

Rigby was killed on the street in Woolwich, southeast London. Two men, Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, have been charged with his murder.