The Lego Movie
Lead character Emmet in The Lego Movie Warner Bros

Lego is already a big enough brand to rarely need advertising but this year's surprise hit film The Lego Movie has made the classic building blocks even bigger than it once was.

With a Lego Movie sequel planned, a spin-off for Will Arnett's Batman recently announced and the movie-tie in Lego video game series continuing to do good business, the natural progression for the Danish company is TV – and that's exactly where it is heading.

Lego vice-president of global licensing and distribution Jill Wilfert said at the Mipcom TV conference in France (via Media Guardian) that the company is "exploring some reality competition show formats, which is new for us: the idea of becoming a master builder is something we think could be quite resonating".

The idea of a Master Builder came about in The Lego Movie, essentially meaning someone able to create amazing things without the need for the instruction leaflets that potentially limit so many children from playing with Lego.

So a reality show built around people creating things with Lego pieces? Could be a sort of Great British Build-Off if done correctly with the right level of self-awareness?

"You will continue to see us in this entertainment and content space," Wilfert said. "We are working on a new property that will launch with a TV series in 2015 and we are focusing on having real interactivity.

"The audience has responded, they love our content. There is a lot of speculation about future Lego movies. I'm pretty confident that we'll be seeing additional Lego movies in the future."