Lena Dunham has finally broken her silence on the "awkward" kiss she planted on Brad Pitt at the red carpet at the London premiere of "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" in July last year.

Lena Dunham was playing a game "Spit on Pitt" during a virtual appearance on "Watch What Happens Live" with host Andy Cohen, where drag queen Gigi Goode and singer Dua Lipa were also present, reports E!News. Explaining the viral picture that purported Dunham clinging to the 56-year-old actor and going in for a kiss, the "Girls" creator clarified that she "would never force a kiss on Brad Pitt."

"I don't know if you remember there was a sort of awkward photo taken of the two of us. Well, the way the internet read it was, I had somehow physically accosted him causing him a great deal of stress," the 34-year-old told Cohen on the Monday episode.

Dunham said that she respects Pitt far too much as an artist and a friend to do something like that, and also revealed that the Oscar-winner spent some time with her later that night to calm her nerves about the awkward moment.

"Later that night because he knew I felt nervous, he took me into a room and we secretly ate pizza and I told him I like his ring and he gave it to me. And I wear it and every time I wear it, something amazing happens," the actress said.

While many fans believed that Dunham's affections for Pitt were out of the blue, the actress said that she "had the pleasure of knowing him a little bit previously." Recalling her experience of working with Pitt in the Quentin Tarantino-directorial which gave him an Oscar for his portrayal of stuntman Cliff Booth, Dunham said: "I didn't have some major megastar part, I was in a really great ensemble of girls so, I didn't expect ... I expected, you know, a friendly hello from Brad. And I think what happened was the best thing that's maybe ever happened to me," she said.

Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham at the 71st annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills in 2014 Reuters

Dunham called the "Ad Astra" actor "a truly kind person who can read the room," and said he made her feel "pretty cool."