A 16-year-old Cameroonian youth international has created quite a stir among European football circles, after signing for a French second-tier side called Angers SCO.

While the act of a young footballer signing to a second-tier side to begin his career is not necessarily surprising... what is hugely entertaining is his name!

Meet Lionel Messi - Angers' newest recruit!

The name created quite a bit of confusion, naturally, when Angers released their squad list. So much so, in fact that stats experts Infostrada sent agents to investigate.

"We were shocked to learn that Lionel Messi had signed with Angers. We then found out that this is not the world famous superstar but a 16-year-old prospect from Cameroon going by exactly the same name. We never get confused because even though our database now contains more than a million football players each player has his own person ID," said Infostrada, in a report by The Sun.

Barcelona must surely be on alert... for Messi II.

For photos of the "new" Messi, see here...