LG will reportedly turn its focus from the LG G Pro smartphone to the development of its next flagship, widely known as LG G4.

There have been rumours that the new LG G Pro series smartphone, LG G Pro 3 powered with LG's in-house application processor called LG-F490L Odin, is expected in early 2015. But the latest disclosure could be disappointing for those who are eagerly waiting for the large screen variant of the LG G3.

The Korean site Heraldcorp, via Gforgames, reports that the LG G Pro series has been discontinued as the manufacturer intends to focus on the upcoming G series flagship, LG G4.

LG introduced the G Pro lineup to fit in the large-screen smartphone segment, with the devices carrying similar technical specifications like its LG G series flagship version. For instance, the first LG Optimus G packs a 4.7in screen, whereas the Optimus G Pro released in April last year uses a 5.5in screen.

Similarly, last year's flagship, LG G2, has a 5.2in screen and the G Pro 2 a 5.9in screen. The LG G3 has a 5.5in screen, which is bigger than its predecessor and caters to large-screen smartphone users.

Now that the flagship smartphones already have large displays, LG's new head of mobile division reportedly believes that the G Pro series has become obsolete.

The Snapdragon 810 chip which is said to be powering the LG G4, is reportedly facing certain issues, among which is CPU overheating, affecting performance.

According to reports, the chip manufacturer, Qualcomm, may not be able to resolve the issues on time and could delay the mass production of the chip. The delay in turn could force smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and LG to postpone the launch of their flagship variants.