LG has just started rolling out an official bug-fix update for its international G4 users, who have been facing touchscreen issues for quite some time as in the case of OnePlus One, Lumia 535 and a spate of other touchscreen smartphones in recent times. The update also brings a handful of noteworthy improvements including improved battery life and Bluetooth performance alongside a few improvements to the Email app.

The update carries a build date of 21 August and weighs around 344MB in size. It is compatible with the model H815 only and will not work on any other G4 models. Avid smartphone fans are in for some good news as the v10H update can be rooted easily, according to The Android Soul citing information from XDA Developers' senior member Boosted_01 R.

In other words, one can easily attain root access or install Xposed framework on any G4 H815 device, which is running the v10H update. It is reported that the update was earlier rolled out for G4 subscribers of Rogers Canada for resolving similar touchscreen problems.