LG could be planning to come out with a mini version of the recently launched G6 flagship smartphone which was unveiled at the MWC event in Barcelona.

After the G6 was rolled out in South Korea, it went on sale in key markets such as North America, Asia, Europe, Central and America earlier this month. The company announced as many as 200 carriers and operators worldwide would be selling the handset.

Dubbed LG G6 Mini, the handset is expected to feature a 5.4in screen with a screen-to-body ratio under 80%. The display will retain an 18:9 aspect ratio like the G6. The information has been shared by Technobuffalo quoting an internal document. It has also shared a bunch of leaked photos of the mini handset.

The G6 is the company's first smartphone to come with an 18:9 screen aspect ratio, which offers more viewing space and immersive experience for video streaming and playing games, when compared to the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio displays, claims LG.

However, it remains unclear if the mini model would carry the hardware features of the G6. The mini variants introduced in the past packed features not as compelling as their respective flagship siblings. Although, there is no word on the pricing details, the latest disclosure suggests the G6 mini would be an addition to the company's affordable portfolio and is expected to appeal to a wider audience.

The report further states that LG might choose to market the mini model in emerging countries, rather than in the US. Also, introducing a smaller variant featuring the slick design of the G6 could help LG to compete against Samsung's new Galaxy S8 and S8+.