LG, the Korean Electronics giant, has unveiled ultra-light "passive" 3-D glasses to address the limitation with active 3-D glasses, which are both expensive and ugly. The product range includes both clip-on and the regular models with half-rim frames.

Weighing at just 5.5 grams, the passive clip-on models are both ultra-light and cheaper than their "battery-powered" active shutter counterparts. These models are ideal for those users who wear reading glasses or anti-glare lenses.

Being lighter and slimmer, LG's 3-D glasses are expected to be more comfortable to wear and ideal for watching 3-D movies and programs with large groups or entire families. The regular F360 models with frames are considerably heavier than the clip-on version, weighing around 16 grams. The F360 lenses are deliberately curved to comfortably fit the wearer's face. Besides, both the F360 and clip-on models are designed to support watching holographic 3-D movies in theaters.

The ultra-light and cheap clip-on models are designed in collaboration with the popular fashion expert and eyewear guru - Alain Mikli. They are expected to be available in the market by early 2012.