Liam Payne warned off singer Myles from the group Rak Su off his ''missus'' Cheryl following his X Factor performance on the live shows last night (28 October).

The 24-year-old wowed the audience with his vocals and dance moves for his latest track Bedroom Floor, but had to shut down potential competition for his 34-year-old girlfriend in his onscreen chat with Dermot O'Leary.

Myles previously declared his admiration for Cheryl during the judges houses segment last week, suggestively pointing his finger at her before she told him: ''I'm taken.''

Despite Cheryl's resistance, the former One Direction star took it upon himself to warn Myles off man-to-man, via the whole nation.

During a quick on-camera interview with host O'Leary, Payne revealed which acts he was backing. He said: "I think Kelvin [Davey White] is good.

"I think Rai-Elle did a great job of opening the show."

He then looked around and pointed, claiming: "And him, he fancies my missus so I've got to keep an eye on him!"

Let me show you the ropes and cut to the chase ✂️🎶 #rakwhatraksu #rakpack

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Fans were quick to comment on Payne's spiky admission, with one person tweeting: ''liam can't do anything without mentioning his missus can he.''

Another said: ''It doesn't get more cringe-worthy than Liam Payne calling Cheryl "my missus" live on TV to look cool #XFactor.''

A third added: ''liam payne just called cheryl cole his missus. imagine being able to call cheryl cole your missus.''

Myles was left looking bashful on last week's X Factor when Simon told Myles in front of his guest judge Cheryl: ''You like her don't you?''

After mother-of-one Cheryl claimed she was taken, Cowell proceeded with: "Anything can happen on this show!"

There doesn't seem to be any serious bad blood between Myles and the One Direction star, as the Rak Su band member said that he was looking forward to meeting the pop sensation.

He told The Sun earlier this week: ''I'm genuinely excited [to meet him].

"Liam and the rest of One Direction have done so much this year and hopefully we'll get to spend five, 10 minutes with him and pick his brain - it'll be interesting."

The X Factor airs again tonight at 7pm on ITV.