On Tuesday, "Riverdale" star Lili Reinhart was slammed for sharing a topless photograph of herself on her latest Instagram in a call for justice for Breonna Taylor, who was allegedly killed by police gunshots. Now, she has responded to the backlash with an apology.

"I've always tried to use my platform for good. And speak up about things that are important to me," Lili Reinhart said in a statement posted on her Twitter account. "I also can admit when I make a mistake and I made a mistake with my caption. It was never my intent to insult anyone and I'm truly sorry to those that were offended."

In the original post, which is now deleted, Reinhart could be seen posing topless by the beach, according to Daily Mail. She captioned the picture: "Now that my sideb**b has gotten your attention, Breonna Taylor's murderers have not been arrested. Demand justice."

Her post soon became a topic of contention drawing criticism from her fans and others. After removing the post, she took to Twitter to apologize and clarify that it was not her intention to offend anyone.

In the following post, she mentioned that "she is still learning" and described her post as "tone-deaf." She apologized for coming across "as insensitive." "I've tried very hard to be honest on my IGTV lives that I'm still learning and trying to be better. But I understand that my caption came off as tone deaf. I truly had good intentions and did not think it through that it could come off as insensitive," she added to her statement.

Lili Reinhart
Lili Reinhart attends the Teen Choice Awards 2017 Getty

Breonna Taylor was a 26-year-old African-American medical technician who was allegedly shot in her apartment by Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officers serving a no-knock warrant in a drug-related investigation on March 13. Reinhart happens to be one of the many other celebrities voicing out their concerns about unjust police violence against people. The "Hustlers" star has actively shown support to the Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Floyd, an African-American killed in police violence in Minneapolis.