Elizabeth Jones
Ukip's Elizabeth Jones talks during her 2014 election campaign to become an MEP for London Youtube/Ukip

Ukip's Elizabeth Jones has defended her actions after she was recorded screaming "will you shut up!" at one of her opponents during a live radio debate.

The clip of Jones "flipping out" during a debate on the Voice of Africa Radio 94FM went viral after it was broadcast.

During the discussion over tax avoidance and Ukip's policies, Ukip's vice chairwoman for Southwark got so heated she yelled "will you just shut up" at Helen Peterson of the Socialist Party.

After being urged by the fellow guests on the show to calm down, Jones explained: "Since 2010 I've had the Left wing shouting and shouting and shouting at me and I'm not going to tolerate it any more. It ends now."

She added: "I will explain myself if you be quiet when I explain myself and...do not interrupt me!"

After a shocked Peterson says she has "never been spoken to so rudely in all my life" Jones replies "Good! Aren't you lucky then? Tonight's the first and won't be the last."

In response to the outburst, Jones explained that she stands her remarks because Peterson's brain was "so scrambled" she was no longer able to "speak words coherently".

She told the Huffington Post: "Any listener to the interview need only carry on for about two more minutes and then they will hear Helen of TUSC admit that her brain is so scrambled, that she can no longer speak words coherently and she duly surrendered the microphone, this being reflective of her mental state.

"I had called the interview to order to restore some dignity.

"I stand by the interview and hope that Helen recovers and wish her well."

Peterson has yet to respond to the claims she needs to "recover" from her brain scrambling.

The interview can be heard below (Skip to 13:40).