Liverpool will leave no stone unturned against Cardiff this weekend. REUTERS

Pepe Reina and Steven Gerrard are both raring to play in the Carling Cup final on Sunday, with the pair insisting that they have been waiting for this day to come for many years at Liverpool.

It is now the sixth season in a row that the Reds have gone without a trophy, and the side are currently not participating in Champions League football as they aim to rebuild and bring back the glory days of the 1980s.

And Reina, who at one point doubted his future at Liverpool but committed after Kenny Dalglish was made manager, says that winning cups and medals is the reason players lay their bodies on the line for Liverpool.

"It has been a while," Reina told LFC magazine. "We all would have been happier seeing the team play in more cup finals, but that's the way it goes.

"After so much time, we are really excited by the final. It's going to be huge for every single person that supports Liverpool.

"This is why you sign for Liverpool; the club is here to do that (try and win trophies). Not long ago, we were a club reaching finals and fighting for titles.

"That wasn't the way for a while but now it's what we are trying to achieve again. I think we are going the right way."

Gerrard, meanwhile, has had a long road back from injury, and taking part in the final will be a dream come true for the inspirational skipper.

"Six years without a trophy for this football club isn't good enough," Gerrard told the Liverpool Echo. "It's been too long and everyone knows that. It's time we delivered a trophy.

"Everyone knows the club has been through some tough times but we're moving forward now.

"We're all desperate to bring success back. It's what we're working so hard to achieve."

Gerrard believes that if Liverpool win on Sunday, which they are favoured to do over Cardiff, the players will be even more motivated to go higher than the club have done for some years, and shore up Champions League qualification this season.

"If we win on Sunday this group of players will experience what it's like to walk around a stadium full of your supporters going wild. That buzz and the tingles that gives you drives you on to want more," he explained.

"We're still in the FA Cup and challenging for a top-four place in the league.

"There's no doubt winning the Carling Cup would have a really positive effect on us for the rest of this season. It would drive us on to achieve more."