Martin Skrtel
Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel says it isn't likely that he'll get back into the starting line up. Reuters

Martin Skrtel doesn't believe he will get back into the starting line-up for Liverpool under Brendan Rodgers after falling out of favour with the manager in January.

Skrtel has played just twice since Liverpool lost to Manchester United at the start of the year and it hasn't been enough to convince Rodgers that he's worthy of a regular spot in the line-up.

Now the defender believes that he will be unlikely to get back in favour with Rodgers this season, despite giving all he can to be on the pitch.

"When I was healthy, I was training with the team, giving 100 per cent and doing all I could to prove to the coach that I belonged in the starting XI," he said, according to the Daily Star.

"I was waiting for a chance, one then came in St Petersburg, but then I was not playing again. However, now I'm injured and we'll see what happens when I'm back fit.

"It's hard to tell, but I would say it wouldn't [change]. The coach has his ideas about the line-up and the question is if I would be in it if I was fit.

"I would say it's likelier I wouldn't. The most important thing for me is to recover as soon as possible and resume training."

Skrtel also alluded to the fact there could be an alternative reason for Rodgersnot to play him, rather than just his ability, adding: "I think there is something else behind it."

The Slovakian is currently recovering from a knee injury but there is now a suggestion that he may look to leave the club if he cannot force his way back into the first team.