Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina has hailed Barcelona's signing of Luis Suarez, claiming that is an excellent player and a "success" signing for the Catalans.

The Spanish keeper played with Suarez for two-and-a-half seasons before moving on loan to Napoli last summer.

And even though Reina's side – he is expected to return to Anfield this season - have lost their biggest star the Spaniard has expressed his delight for both his friend and his boyhood club.

Questioned in an interview with Mundo Deportivo about his thoughts on Suarez move to Barcelona, he said: "It's fantastic. He is an exceptional player, very skilful. His signing is a great success for Barca."

"Last year he was elected the best player in the Premier League, but he was the previous season too but wasn't recognised. When we talk about Luis Suarez we use big words. I would recommend him to any team. He has the goal between his eyes."

Furthermore, Reina claims that Suarez is a really good teammate and believes that he will improve his behaviour at the Nou Camp following his latest biting incident.

"I don't think [there'll be another biting incident]. In fact, I'm sure that in signing for such a big club he will take the responsibility and not do that anymore.

"Not that Liverpool isn't big, but Barca is the centre of attention. And if Barca make the effort to sign him I'm sure Luis will return it with interest, with many goals and good conduct on the field."

"He's a very good boy. A very friendly lad, a hard worker. He is transformed on the field," Reina continued.

"He's a player who was formed on the street and when he's playing he's an aggressive fighter and goes to the maximum each time. He's the kind of player I like.

Meanwhile, questioned about his own future at Liverpool next season he said: "I have a deal for another two years, even if I've not yet spoken with the coach to see what his plans are,"

"Now I'm set to end my holidays and my agent is charged to do these things."