Lizards are to be trained for space travel, according to a new report. Scientists from the Institute of Biomedical Problems in Moscow will train lizards for space travel. These lizards will be the first reptiles to be sent into orbit.

The lizards will be trained just like humans. Only the best ones will be selected and the weak and ill ones left out. There will also be no place for those that easily get excited or aggressive.

According to the scientists, lizards do not need much training because they adapt well to extreme conditions. They can even live under dramatic gravitational changes and weightlessness. Besides, they do not care where they run - on the floor, the wall or the ceiling.

Scientists are hoping the experiments on lizards will help unlock health benefits for humans, according to Zee News.

Lizards are not only the creatures to be sent into space. Fruit flies, a dog and a monkey have been put into orbit.

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