Singers Redfoo (L) and SkyBlu of LMFAO announced their hiatus in September 2012 Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It looks like LMFAO's – the hip hop-electronic dance music duo's – split had taken an irrevocable turn, with co-founder SkyBlu (real name Skyler Gordy), posting a lengthy message on his Facebook account, slamming his former bandmate for cheating him out of royalties and ruining their personal relationship as well.

"Ive been wanting to speak my truth about this whole LMFAO situation for a looooooooong time," 8ky wrote. "Out of respect to our family I kept it all to myself."

However, after his lawyers informed him that Redfoo was planning on claiming all the LMFAO royalties for himself – a move which would cripple the 30-year-old's plans to release his own album – Gordy, who now goes by the moniker 8ky, reportedly decided to vent his anger in the online post.

"The way you belittle people and your crazy power trips was some of the main reasons our relationship as family and partnership has greatly suffered," 8ky continued in the blistering attack.

"Unlike you I didn't take the LMFAO brand for myself. Your whole vibe and style since our last show together is completely a half ass version of LMFAO."

The artiste went on to mention the cold treatment he got from his uncle (Redfoo) after suffering a debilitating back injury. "My back went out right before a big arena show [in 2011], you went out and performed but then just left on the tour bus without seeing me... in fact you didn't speak to me after that for about a year... which is around the time you announced our hiatus.

"As someone who really cared, loved and had your back this really hurt ... I mean... you're my uncle!! My blood!!! You even kept touring as LMFAO and made a lot of money doing it.

"You never once called me to ask me how I was recovering you just kept shuffling every day without me. I really loved you, I looked up to you man, but the more successful we got, the more you wanted control," he continued.

Since their formation in 2006, the duo have gone on to release two albums which earned them two Grammy nominations. Their tracks Party Rock Anthem and Sexy And I Know It were chart-toppers and became instant dance favourites.

Despite their success, 8ky clarified that his uncle should not hold any hopes for a reunion after they announced their hiatus in September 2012. "Even if we wanted to comeback you severely damaged the brand especially with your last album," he wrote.

"You tried to sell happiness, but you're not a happy person. no matter how hard you try LMFAO will never be the same without me."

Taking on a more angry tone, the social media post went on to state: "I couldn't stand how you disrespect people. I was gonna let it all go but still you f*****g wit me and my lively hood even though you already just took so much from me, it's still not enough. Well the s**t stops here Stefan [Redfoo's real name is Stefan Kendal Gordy]."

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