League of Legends
Artwork for League of Legends showing some of its playable heroes. Riot Games

The "League of Legends" preseason is underway with the arrival of the "LoL" Patch 12.22 last week. The new preseason introduced loads of changes to its gameplay and some rebalancing for selected champions.

However, not all changes that were supposed to go live with the "LoL" preseason patch made it to the final cut. Here are some of the changes that were delayed for some reason and will likely be introduced into the game in future patches, as reported by DOT Esports.

Ward previews

In the Champions & Preseason 2023 trailer, which went live on August 12, Riot Games introduced ward previews, a brand-new "LoL." The new "ward previews" feature will show players the precise location of the ward.

Unfortunately, ward previews won't be available until next year, according to game designer and Surrender@20 mod Spideraxe, because the developers still need time to polish this function. "I believe early next year, shouldn't be too far out," Spideraxe responded when asked if the feature will arrive in the first quarter or earlier.

Loadout changes

Loadouts in "LoL" will function as preset rune pages that players can pick up during the pick-and-ban phase, a change intended to transform it into another quality-of-life feature. Additionally, presets will provide the player's champion with the best Summoner spells possible based on the composition of the team and the opposing team. These presets will probably draw their recommendations for the best keystones and summoner spells from data from high Elo games. To help players stay current with the meta, loadout will probably be modified on a regular basis, much like jungle pathing.

If all goes as planned, loadout changes should launch with "LoL" Patch 12.23 on December 7 as noted in Spideraxes' tweet about the postponement of ward previews. Unfortunately, neither Riot nor the developers provided a detailed explanation of why the loadout was delayed until the next release. Therefore, it stands to reason that the developers wanted to further refine this functionality before releasing it.

Archangel's Staff and Seraph's Embrace

Since the item overhaul by "League of Legends" Patch 10.23, Archangel's Staff and its developed form, Seraph's Embrace, have been in a poor state. In fact, the items felt so bad on mages that champions like Ryze and Orianna chose to purchase Manamune, an AD carry version of the item that grants extra AD. Riot made numerous attempts throughout the seasons to make the item relevant again, but their developers could only manage to make it at least usable.

LoL's balance team experimented with boosting the item by raising its scaling and eliminating additional health during the preseason. Riot undid all of these adjustments because the player base was so strongly against them.

The devs weren't satisfied with how Archangel's Staff and Seraph's Embrace turned out, so they are making extra tweaks that will leave the item in a decent state, according to Matt Leung-Harrison, lead designer on the League team. Unfortunately, there is no additional information about the item for now.