The Mayor described the uniforms as "quintessentially British" (Twitter/BBClondonnnews)
The Mayor described the uniforms as "quintessentially British" (Twitter/BBCLondonNnews)

The uniforms the "ambassadors" will wear during the London 2012 Olympics have been revealed for the first time - a garish pink and purple outfit complete with white trilby.

The eye-aching uniforms will be worn by 8,000 volunteers during the Olympic Games.

London Mayor Boris Johnson described the flamboyant fleeces and polo shirts with straw trilby hats as "quintessentially British" during the launch at Wimbledon station.

But he still felt the need to apologise to the 30 Team London volunteers who paraded the outfits, saying: "I hope you don't feel too ridiculous."

He told bewildered bystanders: "With their purple shirts and quintessentially British trilby hats there can be no doubt that our Team London Ambassadors will be a highly visible presence during the Games."

The reaction to the uniforms is expected to match the one that met the launch of the controversial London 2012 logo and the mascots for the games, Wenlock and Mandeville.

Stephen Bayley, founder of the Design Museum, described the two alien mascots as ridiculous and infantile and the logo a "puerile mess, an artistic flop and a commercial scandal..

A two-week public exhibition is also due to be opened at London's City Hall to give locals and visitors a taste of what the capital will look and feel during the game.

The exhibition will form part of London's 'Summer Like No Other' programme and will feature examples of dressings and buntings that will be on display throughout the city during the games and how London communities will be getting involved in the celebrations.