military horses hyde park
Members of the Household Cavalry in Hyde Park Getty

Four military horses ran amok in Hyde Park after escaping from their handlers. The horseplay continued for a little over an hour as the animals evaded capture and the Westminster police hoofed it in pursuit.

Westminster Police posted on 29 December: "Four military horses have run loose in Hyde Park!" It led to motorists being warned to be careful around the adjacent South Carriage Drive while police tried to round them up.

The escapades through the famous London park were short-lived as a little over an hour later the police tweeted: "Thankfully the horses are back safe and sound. Many thanks to the officers that dealt with the incident."

The horses came from the nearby barracks of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, also known as the Queen's Life Guard. A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said: "We can confirm that a number of horses became detached during a routine morning horse exercising session. All horses have been accounted for and the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment has returned to normal duties."