A man has been detained by police after he allegedly called on his Twitter followers to "Jo Cox" the Conservative MP Anna Soubry.

The 25-year-old was arrested at his home in Bethnal Green in east London on Saturday (3 December) on suspicion of sending malicious communications. He has not been charged.

The tweet in question said: "Someone Jo Cox Anna Sourby [sic] please".

Labour MP Cox was murdered outside her Batley and Spen constituency in June. Her killer Tommy Mair, 53, who it was discovered had far right leanings and screamed "Britain First" during the daylight attack, was recently jailed for life.

After reporting the tweet to police, Soubry, MP for Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire, said the man was a "sad cowardly troll" and tweeted: "Thank u everyone for much appreciated support. Voices of hope & tolerance will not be bullied off #Twitter or anywhere else."

Speaking in August, Labour MP Chris Bryant described how he had been threatened over email and that "at least two dozen" other MPs had been targeted.

The email read: "Warning, I am going to kill you and kill all of your family."

The Crown Prosecution Service states a social media user has broken the law if they send "Communications which may constitute threats of violence to the person or damage to property."

It adds : "A threat to kill contrary to section 16 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861."