A pub in London's Borough Market has faced ire after reports that it charges over £13 for one of its pints.

The Rake, a Utobeer bar, did not back down and instead came back at critics who were astonished at a £13.40 price tag for a pint of Cloudwater Imperial IPA.

"Dat Cloudwater price" one user posted on Twitter with a picture of the Rake's electronic beer board. The photo shows Cloudwater NW Dipa Citra Amarillo as by far the most expensive, with the next priciest pint hitting £8.80.

Utobeer responded in a statement first reported by the Morning Advertiser last week saying they "wanted to reply calmly and candidly instead of getting into an argument on Twitter or Facebook."

"We are not making 'vast profits' we work to a margin like all businesses and if we stopped we'd start losing money and eventually go out of business." The company said. Utobeer said that Cloudwater would not deliver directly because the bar could not take a pallet so they were forced to use a distributor, who would have their own margins.

"Whilst we always endeavour to keep the prices as keen as possible the DIPA being a 9% beer is never doing [sic] to be a cheap. Being charged £130+ for a 20L keg by the distributor we're always going to struggle to keep the price down but we love Cloudwater beers, most of you know they are some of the best in the country right now and we want to showcase them and spread the love."

Distributer, Euroboozer weighed in on Twitter with a statement saying that their gross profit on of the kegs is £22.39: "We then have to take our warehousing and delivery costs into account as well as other overheads such as wages"

They also added that the beer in question cost much more to make then others. "No one is making anyone buy any beer but if you can afford it and want to then go ahead because it's a smashing pint." the company said.

In a tweet, Cloudwater themselves hit out at the coverage while pointing to the actions of larger beer companies. "Price of beer = small companies trying to make a living. Meanwhile macro corp pays 7.5% less duty without declaring -0.3%ABV to consumers" Cloudwater said, referring to reports that Carling had claimed to be 0.3% ABV higher than it actually was as the company sought to save on its tax bill.