A Jewish man was told "no one likes your people" and that he would be "turned into ashes" in a shocking anti-Semitic attack in north London. The victim was walking down Ferndale Road in Tottenham on Thursday (28 July) afternoon at 1.30pm when he was subjected to the vile tirade by a man and a woman.

He was told "You c**t, you Jewish pri*k" and "no one likes your people" and "turn you in to ashes" by the suspects in an outburst that left the victim too scared to contact police. The incident was reported to the Met Police by Jewish community watch group Shomrim.

Tottenham MP David Lammy called the verbal assault "abhorrent, disgusting and vile" while Claire Kober, leader of Haringey Council, said she was "deeply concerned" by a recent rise in anti-Semitism and urged residents to "stand shoulder to shoulder with our Jewish community."

The incident comes the same week the government pledged to tackle hate crime. Commenting on figures that showed young people were the victims of 10% of faith hate crime and 8% of race hate crime in the the three week period to 7 July, home secretary Amber Rudd said: "This government is determined to build a Britain that works for everyone.

"Those who practise hatred send out a message that it's okay to abuse and attack others because of their nationality, ethnicity or religious background.

"That it's okay to disregard our shared values and promote the intolerance that causes enormous harm to communities and individuals.

"Well, I have a very clear message for them. We will not stand for it. Hatred has no place whatsoever in a 21st century Great Britain that works for everyone.

"We are Great Britain because we are united by values such as democracy, free speech, mutual respect and opportunity for all. We are the sum of all our parts – a proud, diverse society. Hatred does not get a seat at the table, and we will do everything we can to stamp it out."