Longmire season 4 premiere
Sheriff Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) is determined to find his wife's killers Netflix

After facing the axe from A&E Networks, Longmire season 4 is making a confident return with a crisp plot that will knit revenge, suspense, thrill and romance so perfectly that Netflix would want to renew the American crime drama for the fifth season. Season 4 of the series will premiere on the streaming company's official website on 10 September and the entire season will be instantly available for fans to binge-watch.

Netflix subscribers in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will be able to livestream and watch the series the coming weekend. In the current season, the murder of Walter's wife, Martha, is the prime plot with the Sheriff trying to find the real killer.

Lou Diamond Phillips told Collider that the murder mystery will bring lots of twists and turns throughout the fourth season that will keep fans glued to their screen until the end. "In some cases, especially with the death of Walt's wife, Martha, they have continued to twist it and turn it and keep it compelling and interesting," Phillips told the website. "So, certain threads are going to come to their conclusion in Season 4 of Longmire, but like everything else, there are going to be repercussions and ripples from actions and reactions that are going to play out and present new storylines and new issues."

However, Walt will not be alone in his journey as his daughter Cady will assist him in solving the murder mystery of her mother. Everyone on the show thinks Martha died of cancer, but the truth behind her death is a well kept secret by the Wyoming county Sheriff. This secret will ultimately be revealed before his daughter Cady in the first few episodes of the popular series.

Robert Taylor (Walter Longmire) teases that Cady will play an important role in the upcoming season. "It's a very interesting season for Cassidy Freeman's character. It's so hard not to give stuff away. She's branching off more. She has a lot of challenges and a lot of dilemmas. Opportunities arise in odd places for her, this season."

Fans will recall that the season 3 finale ended on a cliffhanger with Branch confronting his father Barlow regarding Martha's murder. To everyone's surprise Barlow admits he sent someone to kill Longmire's wife because he wanted his son to become the next sheriff instead of Walt.