Father and son felt rejected by Angela Dawes
Father and son felt rejected by Angela Dawes Albanpix

The son of the lottery winner Angela Dawes has revealed that he was kicked out of his home by his mum aged 12.

According to Steven Leeman, now aged 17, his mother still blanks him in the street when they see each other in the local town.

"She doesn't even acknowledge me. It's as if I'm not there," he said.

Leeman has even stated if he was given £10 million he still "wouldn't forgive her."

He said: "I came back from a school trip to France and Mum had kicked Dad out. When I asked her why, she kicked me out too.

"She wouldn't even give me my CDs, DVDs or computer and she burnt all of Dad's clothes. Dad and I went to live with my nan before we eventually got a place of our own."

He added that he wasn't allowed to go to court as he was too young, and his solicitor told him "he had never known of a case where a mum hadn't wanted to see her son after a divorce."

Angela, with her new husband Dave Dawes, won £101,203,600.70 in Friday's EuroMillions draw.