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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 4 is slowly becoming a battle ground for Mimi Faust and Margeaux.

"I'm handing out careers to everyone. Apparently, you want one too," the 45-year-old reality star wrote on her Instagram account. "So let me get this straight. I put a nobody on TV and then that nobody brings his nobody wife on TV to attack me about a sex tape with her cheating a-- husband."

Faust slammed Nikko Smith's wife for being more concerned about the sex tape rather than her husband's extramarital affairs.

"I'm pretty sure I'd be worried about other things besides that, like for instance why my unfaithful husband made a sex tape with another woman," Mimi wrote adding that "I guess she don't mind that 'cause it got her on TV."

VH1, meanwhile, has teased that the mother-of-one will finally reveal the truth behind the infamous sex tape scandal before "someone."

"Mimi Faust declares that she's about to come clean and tell the truth about her sex tape to someone," the synopsis of the upcoming episode reads.

The reality stars are fighting over the infamous sex tape featuring Smith, who is accused of cheating on Margeaux with Faust.

Ever since she returned from London, Smith's wife has been blaming Mimi for the sex tape leak.
In one episode, Margeaux told Joseline Hernandez that Mimi deliberately left the bag in the airport so the tape could be found by a stranger.