Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 5
K Michelle and Joseline Hernandez will share friendly moments in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 5 VH1

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta season 5 will return with episode 7 this Monday and things don't look pretty good for Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez. The couple relocated to Los Angeles in 2015 with the goal of making it big in Hollywood.

But their dreams backfired and ultimately ruined their personal relationship by the time they returned to Atlanta. In a promo for the seventh episode released by VH1, the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican princess meets her long-time friend K Michelle. While showing the rapper around her eight-bedroom mansion, Michelle mentions Stevie's name, which prompts Hernandez to confess that she and Stevie are not together though they are staying in the same house.

"Stevie and I are not seeing eye-to-eye. We are sleeping in separate bedrooms ever since we came from LA we have been beefing," the 29-year-old rapper tells the camera while accusing her spouse of disrespecting her.

The official synopsis of episode 7 titled Playing With Fire reads:

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta season 5 will air on Monday, 16 May at 8/7c on VH1. Click here to watch the debut episode online on Hulu. You can also watch the episode online on the network's official website the very next day.

The episode description hints at a major showdown between the controversial couple. In the previous week, the American musician and record producer posted a cryptic tweet signalling his break up with his wife of three years. "God 1 day I need a lovely, virtuous, loyal & God fearing woman, not now but when YOU are ready," he wrote on Twitter with the hashtag 'happy to be single'.

Hernandez, on the other hand, went public about the rift during an interview with Wendy Williams. "He was so jealous. He went after Rick Ross online, he went after The Game, he goes after all those people and we're separated. We've been separated for 6 months," she told Wendy while explaining the cause of their split.

"I left, I got my own place. I love my husband and he's a great guy, but he's so controlling ... He's 15 years older than me, and he's so controlling. He wants to have me like a little puppet master. And I'm like no, I gotta go. Peace out," the reality star added.