Love and Hip Hop Hollywood
Rapper Miles and Amber broke up after the former revealed his gay relationship with Milan Christopher VH1

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood is taking unexpected twists with each new episode. Currently, the show is focusing on the gay relationship between Milan Christopher and Miles Brock. The couple initially were dating secretly, but later made their relationship public. However, their romance did not last long as Rapper Miles was reluctant to confess before his former girlfriend Amber Laura and his family that he is gay.

Nonetheless, the revelation led to a huge showdown between Amber and her former boyfriend. Erica Mena of Love and Hip Hop Atalnta fame, meanwhile, has claimed that there is no truth in the relationship between Miles and Amber and that they are faking everything for the sake of the reality TV show.

"All these made up story lines. lets be honest, a lot of people are going to be out of jobs soon. Where's the reality?" Mena wrote in one of her tweets, via VH1. In another tweet, she said, "new season so I'm a rapper now/manager/oh and my sister is dating my Gay Bff. Like let's be serious here."

However, this did not go too well with Miles's ex-girlfriend who replied describing Mena's tweets as 'subliminal'.

Miles, on the other hand, is regretting the fact that the timing was not "right to break the bad news", before his former girlfriend that he is homosexual.

"For me, it's just never a real right time to tell someone or anyone something like that," the rapper told Hip Hop Dx. "That's why I would like to thank the show because it really helped me figure out a way to tell her. I really didn't know how. This is never good news whether five or ten years ago. For me, it's: How do you tell someone something like this? How do you turn bad news like this into something better the best way you can. Even a little bit afterwards, I kind of regretted doing it. I got through it and I'm sitting in front of you today."

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood airs every Monday night on VH1. In case you miss the episode during click here to watch it online on network's the official website.