Love and Hip Hop Hollywood
Rapper Soulja Boy invites Nas for a drink but didn't tell her that he is bringing Nia Riley with him VH1

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood is creating a lot of buzz among fans but for all the wrong reasons. In the upcoming episode rapper Soulja Boy will have a hard time controlling his girlfriend Nia Riley and friend Nastassia Smith as both get involved in a brawl.

The series is already courting controversy because of the Nikki Mudarris-Mally Mall sex tape leak. The American hip hop star found himself in deep trouble when he planned to meet Nas but did not inform her that he is bringing his girlfriend along. As a result, his side-kick feels betrayed and demands an explanation from him. He answers that Riley is his girlfriend and he wants to 'clarify everything' between the girls.

"Oh. Now it's your girlfriend?" Nas fires back at the the rapper. "Cause yesterday it wasn't your girlfriend and you was kissing me and asking me to come f**k with you. I told you if you wanted to be with Nia, then be with Nia. Ya'll could be together. Like, it's all good. But you texted me saying that you wanted me back."

However, the 25-year-old Kiss Me Thru The Phone hitmaker found the entire episode rather awkward. "I came to fix Nas and put her in her place. Now what I didn't expect was the two of them comparing notes. I should have thought this s**t through," Soulja told cameras in the sneak peak video of the upcoming episode.

"So you didn't do that? You didn't say that to me? 'Cause I could bring out text messages, and we could put it all out on the table so she could see," Nas snapped back at him and showed the message exchange to Nia.

"Looking in Nas' phone gave me a whole lot of information that I wasn't expecting. I can see why she's confused 'cause Dre's leading her on when he's mad at me, and there's a lot that he's not being honest about," the daughter of the Grammy Award winning Teddy Riley told cameras. However, her peace with her boyfriend's 'good friend' didn't last long as Nas told her that she should be "thanking" her for exposing the truth about her boyfriend.

Then, both of them get involved in an ugly brawl soon after their exchange of words. It will be interesting to watch how Soulja brings peace between his two girls and if the two women will finally band together against the man who is leading them on at the same time.