The season 1 finale of "Lovecraft Country," titled "Full Circle," saw Tic die during Christina's immortality ritual. The episode was riddled with clues that suggest he will return in some way in a potential season 2.

For starters, the position in which Tic (Jonathan Majors) died has links to Christian imagery, specifically to the cross. His arms were stretched out to the sides and his legs bound together. It mimics Jesus' position on the cross when he sacrificed himself to save mankind. Three days after, Jesus returned from the dead.

Another rebirth symbolism found in the season 1 finale of "Lovecraft Country" was the undying fire when Tic met his mother in the ancestral plane. According to CBR. this represents the mythological phoenix bird that cyclically comes back to life after it dies.

Then there is the Christian representation of the church baptism, which suggests a spiritual rebirth. Viewers saw Tic getting baptised through Ji-ah's eyes when she went all kumiho so she could bind Tic and Christina together in order for Leti's spell to work.

Likewise, in "Full Circle" Tic's mum, Dora, told him that "this is a beginning, not an end." She may have referred to his death as a sign of his rebirth as they were talking about his demise in the ancestral plane while being surrounded by the burning fire.

These symbols suggest Tic's potential rebirth in "Lovecraft Country" season 2. His return is likely given that Leti, Montrose, and Hippolyta already have the Book of Names. In episode 10, Tic used the book to bring back his dead ancestors. Then there is the time machine that Hippolyta unlocked. She could find a way to bring him back alive without bringing Christina back from the dead too.

Showrunner Misha Green may have also hinted at Tic's return if HBO renews "Lovecraft Country" for season 2. She refused to say if he is alive and reasoned that it would spoil the story. Majors, on the other hand, said he would gladly reprise his role if given the chance. He would do it for a rebirth story or some other twist in the storyline.

Lovecraft Country
Jonathan Majors and Jurnee Smollett in "Lovecraft Country." Lovecraft Country/HBO