"Lovecraft Country" star Jurnee Smollett took to social media to tell her fans that she sustained some on-set injuries while filming the tragic 1921 Tulsa Massacre in episode 9.

The 34-year-old "Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey" actress shared an Instagram photo of her bandaged arm and what could be bruises that she got from filming the fiery scene in the episode. In the post, she revealed that she burned her skin while doing the scene in Tic's mother's ancestral home while Leti was trying to retrieve the Book of Names, and the house burned down.

"Leti may be invulnerable but Jurnee is not," Smollett captioned the image,alluding to her "Lovecraft Country" character, Leti, who received the invulnerability mark from Christina in Episode 8.

Smollett said "the fire got a little too close in the Leti / Hattie scene" that it started burning her arm. She was able to finish the take before she ran off from the set screaming. Showrunner Misha Green had to let her go to the hospital to have the injury checked.

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Leti may be invulnerable but Jurnee is not...the fire got a little too close in the Leti / Hattie scene...started burning my arm... Finished the take first and ran off the set screaming. @mishatrillxxl made me go to the hospital to have it looked at #thepriceofart #LovecraftCountry #letilewis @lovecrafthbo

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Smollett has a physically demanding role in "Lovecraft Country." She is mostly seen running (literally) away from or toward danger. She plays a strong woman who fights for what is right and for equality. She also has an emotional side to her which the show slowly revealed as the episodes moved along.

In episode 9, "Rewind 1921," Leti had to endure the sight of pure anguish on Hattie's face as the old woman slowly gets burned alive while holding her hand. She could have easily protected Tic's great grandmother with a hug because she was invulnerable. But she knew that if she did so, hers and Tic's fate and that of their unborn child will drastically change. Thus, she had to endure Hattie's screams of pain.

It is unclear how Leti will move on from that experience in episode 10. But she has more pressing matters to focus on specifically keeping Tic alive. Smollett said it would be wrong not to renew "Lovecraft Country" for season 2 given that season 1 has a shocking finale.

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Jonathan Majors and Jurnee Smollett in "Lovecraft Country." Lovecraft Country/HBO