Lucifer season 2
Tom Ellis starring Lucifer returns on Fox in May with a brand new episode Lucifer/Fox

After the turn of events in the previous episode, it does not seem like it is the best time to evoke the devil's wrath as Lucifer plots his grand revenge. The Fox series will be on a three-month-long break and will not air season 2 episode 14 on 6 February. Instead the show returns in May with a brand new episode titled Candy Morningstar.

Click here to watch Lucifer realise God's plan in the previous episode titled A Good Day To Die. The fantasy comedy series will air a new episode on 1 May at 9pm EST on Fox.

The long break until May will give Lucifer fans some time to recover from the blows of last week, when the devil's blossoming love story with Chloe came to a sudden halt after unveiling God's plan.

Is the connection between Chloe and Lucifer real or is the detective just another pawn put in the devil's path by his father, God?

Haunted by all these questions and doubts, Lucifer took off in the last episode after risking his life to save Chloe. Although episode 13 showed the devil going back to the very place he despised to extract information about an ante-dote, it seems he might return to hell again, but this time to plot his grand revenge.

In the trailer for the upcoming episode, Maze warns Lucifer's near and dear ones that the devil might be plotting his revenge as they speak. "My son is really truly broken," Charlotte says before the ominous warning regretting that she might have done that to him.

As those on Earth try to foresee what's coming now that Lucifer's gone, the promo hints that the devil might have embraced his dark side once again. During his short-lived stay in Los Angeles, Lucifer had imbibed human emotions – he fell in love with detective Chloe, cared for her daughter Trixie, and even learned to respect his friend-cum-therapist Dr Linda's advice.

But all that might change, if and when Lucifer returns from his self-imposed exile. Is there still hope for his and Chloe's love story? Find out, when the show returns on 1 May on Fox.