Lucifer season 2
Tom Ellis starring Lucifer airs on Fox on Mondays Lucifer/Fox

Lucifer season 2 will not air any new episode on 5 December as the Fox show goes on a hiatus till its winter premiere in 2017. The show will return with episode 11 on 16 January titled Stewardess Interruptus. Although no official synopsis has been revealed for the episode till now, a teaser for episode 11 revealed a showdown involving Lucifer and Chloe after the cliffhanger in episode 10.

Click here to watch Lucifer winter premiere live online on the official website of Fox when it returns in the New Year. If you want to catch up with the action of season 2 that has been aired so far, watch the first ten episodes on Fox's website.

Mama Morningstar and Amenadiel ended episode 10 titled Quid Pro Ho with a major cliffhanger as they revealed detective Chloe Decker's origin story.

As it turns out, Chloe indeed is no ordinary human and her existence is but a miracle of God, which explained why Luicfer's powers had no effect on her. But with this new discovery, Charlotte seems to be devising a new plan to bring her son and the detective closer.

The trailer for episode 11 revealed that despite repeated warnings from Amenadiel, the mother of all creations tries to make Chloe fall for the devil so that she can return with her sons to their home, the heaven.

Unfortunately, Chloe and Lucifer's growing fondness may unleash misery on the detective as she is next seen with a profusely bleeding nose. Perhaps the result of the kiss the two shared in the mid-season finale.

Meanwhile, Lucifer fans have more than one reason to rejoice when the show finally returns in January. According to showrunner Ildy Modrovich, season 2 will return with four standalone episodes and one of them will be a "flashback to Lucifer first arriving."

How did the lord of hell end up in LA? Is Chloe dying? To find out, watch Lucifer on Monday, 16 January 2017.