Alongside the rise of entrepreneurs today are intrepreneurs. Intrapreneurs are essentially the same as entrepreneurs, accumulating the same skills and work ethic however intrepreneurs are not founders nor do they run their own company; working within an existing company framework intrepreneurs channel their talent and energy in order to help scale their boss's or partner's entrepreneurial endeavor.

A fine example of Intrepreneurship can be found with Or Dori. Dori has become a vital part of Luxuri, a property management and vacation rental company based in Miami. Founded by Jonathan Campau, Luxuri has grown significantly since its start because of its unmatched concierge service and expanding real estate brokerage. It has also grown because of the increasing population and demand for the Miami area.

Luxuri's Or Dori and Jonathan Campau
Luxuri's Or Dori and Jonathan Campau Luxuri's Or Dori and Jonathan Campau

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Miami has seen a significant increase in residents and visitors. While the rest of the United States was shutting down, Miami had a more open approach. In turn, many people relocated to the area, looking for real estate opportunities. Ever since this influx, Miami has continued to capture attention and interest from people all over the world.

With these market environments, a crucial part of Luxuri's brand is its involvement in real estate investments. The more real estate investments they acquire, the more properties they will have to manage, which will only strengthen Luxuri's industry-leading roster of luxurious vacation rentals in the Miami area. The Luxuri brokerage team aids their buyers in purchasing new high-end properties, while also preparing these properties to be included in Luxuri's rental portfolio. Having a recognized brand name because of their revered concierge service, they attract celebrities and successful businessmen who reflect the luxurious lifestyle they represent in Miami. Ultimately, they are always turning a profit.

More so, while the management portfolio aspect of Luxuri continues to grow, Campau is also purchasing multi-million-dollar rentals that continue to build Luxuri's net worth. The consistent efforts of Campau to acquire assets is a far advancement from where Luxuri was just 5 years ago when rental arbitrage was its foundation and growth model. Campau states, "Rental arbitrage is too difficult, messy, and expensive in these current rental Florida markets. It is best to just purchase and hold."

Dori, being Campau's second hand, has learned the ways of the business over time and has flourished with success since his start. While overseeing the property management division and details of the vacation rentals, he has also had the responsibility of maintaining the Luxuri brand image. Communication is a crucial part of his role, ensuring that each client is more than satisfied with their experience. In doing so, he uses his network as a Miami-native to create valuable connections with the city's most notorious establishments, including restaurants and clubs like Mr. Jones, Papi Steak, LIV, E11EVEN, and others. Clients can then turn to Dori to fulfill their experience with the best activities and entertainment Miami has to offer.

Dori's network, dedication, and communication with the clients and his co-workers have proven to help Luxuri grow rapidly and dominate the Miami vacation rental and luxury concierge services market. Additionally, utilizing his previous experience with the digital realm, he works with Luxuri's digital marketing vision through their social media accounts, and develops their online presence through their website and app. As Dori continues to expand the Luxuri brand, both locally and domestically, his career responsibilities will likely grow from portfolio management to the C-suite executive level. Dori is excited to advance his professional career alongside Luxuri's growth.