Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy's home is back up for sale. The actress died aged 32 Gareth Cattermole/Getty

The home where Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjaack died in is up for sale. TMZ reports that the house was revamped, and now has now been relisted for £13.5m ($18.4m), one million dollars less than before.

The house has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, along with a home theatre, a massage room, wine cellar, a huge pool and an elevator to navigate the three-storey high, 9,400ft sq property.

The Just Married star, who purchased the house from Britney Spears in 2003 for £2.85m ($3.85m), died of pneumonia and anaemia on 20 December 2009. Her husband died from the same illnesses six months later on 23 May.

Los Angeles County Department of Health services considered toxic mould in their home was a possible cause for their deaths, but this was dismissed by the coroner's officer.

Author Bryn Curt James Hammond has released a new tell-all book called A Case For Murder: Brittany Murphy File. In the book, Hammond examined the possible causes of Murphy's death which were overlooked, exposing new secrets about her final days. The author claims that Murphy was living in "virtual squalor" in the days before her death.

According to Hollywood Gossip, Hammond writes that the actress passed away on a bed surrounded by "mountain of clothes, make-up, perfumes, an oxygen machine and medical supplies… It was a ready-made drug store.

"The large bed was stained and the sheets twisted and drenched in sweat," James adds. "Flanking each side of the bed were nightstands covered in… half-drunk bottles of water, prescription medication bottles, some open and some empty, and used tissues."

It's unclear why exactly James is arguing that Murphy was murdered, as his book title indicates, but other sources who were close to the actress in her final days argue that she appeared to be in very poor health.

"Not once did I see her eat!" says a film producer who worked with Murphy on one of her final projects. "She would drink coffee all day. She looked sickly."

"Her hands were a purple-blue color," says another insider from the book. "It was sad and worrying to see how unhealthy she looked and to be honest if it wasn't for her name I don't believe she would have been hired."

Murphy's father, Angelo Bertolotti, says that just before her death Murphy revealed to him that she was determined to leave harmful influences behind her and start a new life on the East Coast.

"Brittany wanted a different kind of life and she was going to move to New York before her death," Betrtolotti revealed to Hollywood Life. "She was so excited to start a new life and have a baby."