Parts of Spain were hit with sudden bouts of bad weather amidst one of the hottest summers seen globally. A sudden torrential storm hit Madrid, with hail and rain causing a flash flood on Monday afternoon. The night saw a tornado touching ground at the coastal city of Malaga.

Spain had been facing high temperatures just like the rest of the northern hemisphere. A sudden torrential storm changed weather conditions in Madrid on Monday. Chunks of hail pelted the city followed by a massive downpour. The sudden cloud burst caused a flash flood which has reportedly caused widespread damage to property. Even though no news of any loss of life has been reported yet, videos shared on Twitter showed that it is evident that city infrastructure has been damaged.

Simple Flying reported that multiple flights had to be redirected from Madrid's airport due to the bad weather. British Airways' new Airbus A350 had to reroute their maiden flight to Barcelona. The Airbus A350 is a new addition to the British Airways fleet. The aircraft is set to take regular flights from London to Madrid to help train the crew. However, the maiden flight of the Airbus had to be redirected since bad weather made it impossible for the aircraft to land safely in Madrid.

From the videos posted on Twitter, the flash flood can be seen washing away cars, benches, trash cans, and other debris. Some tweets also show inches of standing water flooding residential areas making the streets inaccessible.

Siguen llegando imágenes impresionantes de la intensa #tormenta que ayer hizo diana en #ArgandaDelRey #Madrid ... por desgracia situaciones como esta van a ser cada vez más frecuentes e intensas #CambioClimatico

— Mario Picazo (@picazomario) August 27, 2019

Spain's freak weather did not stop there. The sunny coastal city of Malaga was hit by a tornado late on Monday. Residents of Malaga shared videos and images of the terrifying tornado ripping through Campillos in Malaga. As the tornado ripped through an electrical pylon, it caused flashes of fire. The tornado has caused torrential rain and flooding in the affected areas.

Impresionante la tranquilidad con la que Juan Guerrero @VivaCampillos graba este #tornado 🌪️avanzando por los campos cercanos a #Campillos #Málaga ... por el material que levanta el fuerte viento que genera y la estructura que tiene seguramente e sun F0 o F1 ...
con un🥚🥚

— Mario Picazo (@picazomario) August 26, 2019

Antequera and Guadalteba regions were on yellow alert due to the increasing rains. Last October, Campillos had been hit with devastating floods. Residents are worried about the bad weather causing a repeat of last year.

Flash flooding in Coverack
Locals survey the aftermath of a flash flood Matt Cardy/Getty Images