In June, authorities in the holiday resort of Magaluf on the Spanish island of Mallorca announced a crackdown on drunken tourists. The tougher measures included a ban on street drinking after 10pm, increased police patrols, and fines for a string of drink-related offences such as stripping off in public.

The regulations were introduced in an attempt to clean up the image of the resort, popularly known as "Shagaluf". Many locals in the resort have become sickened by the antics of tourists, such as the video circulating last year in which a teenage British woman performed sex acts on 24 men to win a cocktail. But locals were also sceptical that the regulations would be effective – Magaluf depends on the money spent in its bars.

So, how have the new laws affected nightlife in Magaluf? Not much. Over the weekend, a video emerged showing a British couple having sex behind some bins. As these pictures by local photojournalist Jaime Reina show, the strip clubs are still luring punters in, tourists are still getting tattoos they'll regret when they sober up, and men in wigs are still flashing their bits at unsuspecting women.