Canadian magazine Maclean's will charge men 26% more for a copy this month in a bid to promote equal pay of men and women.

The latest issue will sell for C$6.99 to women and C$8.81 to men (£3.98 and £5.01). The editorial points to an Australian university study called the Gender Pay Gap Bake Sale - which charged men more for cupcakes - as an inspiration.

The 26% difference is based on the average Canadian wage of a full-time male worker and a full-time female worker across all jobs, ages and education.

The gender pay gap argument flared up again recently with news that Mark Wahlberg earned about 1,500 times as much as co-star Michelle Williams during re-shoots of All the Money in the World.

Wahlberg has since donated his re-shoot earnings to the Times Up campaign.

Twitter reacted to Maclean's cover price disparity with its usual mix of bouquets and brickbats:

But the majority of feedback slammed the magazine and pointed to the variables not considered:

And do not forge the trolls of Twitter:

Gender pay gap
Canadian magazine Maclean's has a higher cover price for men Joe Giddens/PA